Career Openings

Overseas Marketing Staff

·         Job Description

o   Main purpose of job

§  To direct control and manage function of Marketing and ensure that overseas market growing up.


o   Main responsibilities :

§  Conduct and control marketing overseas to ensure that the business is doing well

§  Assist in the development of marketing policy to ensure that the company makes the best use of overseas marketing power.

§  Negotiate with new buyer who meet the company’s requirements to secure the most favorable terms of business for the company.

§  Develop and implement all necessary policies and procedures to ensure that the overseas marketing function operates effectively.

§  Keep all contracts for the supply of goods and services under review to ensure that they are being carried out effectively and renegotiate terms where necessary.

§  Maintain current overseas market to ensure the effective monitoring and control of all marketing activity.

§  Maintain an awareness of any developments in the field of marketing or with new buyer to ensure that the company continues to apply the most effective policies and procedures.


Only qualified person will select to interview and psychological test.

Please send your application and CV before June, 30 2019 to

PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia is one of the most prominent tuna processing company in Indonesia providing the best tuna quality for decades. Location in Gempol Pasuruan East Java. Now seeking potential candidates to fill  Overseas Marketing Staff


Qualification below:


·         General Qualification :

o   Age 27 - 33 years old

o   Education background as Bachelor’s Degree Marketing, Business Administration, Food Technology, Commerce, Fishery, Economic

o   Should have experience at Export Overseas Marketing (preferable in Foods Manufacture)

·         Behavioral competence :

o   Team work & cooperation

o   Problem solver

o   Planning & organizing

o   Strategic orientation

o   Relationship building

o   Achievement oriented

o   Analytical & conceptual thinking

·         Skill competence :

o   excellent negotiating skills

o   good communication skills

o   good interpersonal skills

o   FLUENT in English competency (Oral and Written) 

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